Currently we are building reproduction WWII M1A1 Bazookas. My main focus is to provide products that are affordable for the general Reenacting community without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship. With each batch, as my metal working skills improve and better equipment is obtained, the details get better and better.

On display at the East Coast Rally show in Aberdeen Maryland.

Tube Being wrapped with reinforcing wire. The Lathe being used is a War time machine that was made in Belgium. Bet you didn't know that each Bazooka requires almost 280 feet of wire.

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Fixture used to weld front sights. Originally, the sights were stamped, but to accurately reproduce them without stamping equipment they are made in two peices, weilded, then the edges are grounded to a radius.

Hand grip being drilled in a holding fixture.

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Batch of Breech guards ready for installation.

Latest Improvement: I have reproduced a functioning battery cover. I will be offering this as an upgrade for past models sometime this summer.